• Angela Kage (Sasha Desouza Willock)

    Sasha Desouza Willock, Angela Kage, case files Tricell Films

    She is the daughter of one of the professors working on the super experiment. After witnessing her father’s death at the labs she soon becomes deadlocked. The Tetrodotoxin retrovirus had unforeseen effects on her; adjusting her brain to access telekinesis, her athletic skills increase accelerating her speed. Her Mental state merges and she masters the ability to inflict pain on someone, by putting them under an illusion of them being burnt alive on a stake.

  • Shadow Reepa (Alexander Doddy)

    Alexander Doddy, Case Files, Tricell Films, Horror, series

    He is one of the dead scientists from the labs. During the experiments several scientist were attacked and killed by one of the out of control patients. After the vicious attack, the scientist were buried however, somebody dug up the corps of two scientists and resurrected them. How or why nobody knows, the Shadow and Reepa now guard Angela in the high rise flats; patrolling the top and mid-levels of the building, and keeping anyone away from Angie’s lair on the top floor.

  • Shadow Guard (Peter Radford)

    Peter Radford, Case Files, Tricell Films, Horror, series

    Before the experiment went out of control; Maverick was just a normal scientist and close friend of the Kage family. He was encouraged by Daniel to study science, and saw Dr. Kage as his mentor. After the experiment went out of control, he was attacked by an aggressive patient; and became deadlocked. Although the virus was treated almost immediately; he died of severe wounds. After the scientists buried him, they returned to find the grave dug up, and the corpse missing. The Shadow Guard is the strongest of both guards, and is very dangerous. He carries capsules with the Tetrodotoxin Virus; to launch at his prey. He patrols the top levels of the high rise flats; imprisoning the remaining residents who have not made it to safety.

  • Ryan Chen (Yijun ‘Arthur’ Zhao)

    Case files, tricell films, horror, series

    Referred to as patient unknown by the scientists of Kontra eXperimental Labs. Ryan signed up to be a paid test subject for the super experiment, the results were a success. Many of the other test subjects died during the procedure, however, Ryan’s blood and white cells are the only reason he is still alive. He becomes hostile and very dangerous, his ability to manipulate electricity was unfore seen by the scientists.

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