• Spencer (Kelvin-Carl Wolfenden)

    Kelvin Carl Wolfenden

    Originally assigned to work the John McCready murder case; Agent Jake Spencer finds himself lost in a nightmare. Soon after he discovered his former partner ‘Alexis Gwyn’ was still alive, side tracked off his assignment, in an attempt to find the truth about Alexis and the event which occurred at the Foster Mansion. The epidemic slowly emerges, Spencer is faced with several missions, find Alexis, Rescue Shannon and save his niece Megan who is trapped in the city.

  • Shannon Walker (Jess Millott)

    Jess Millott, case files, tricell films, horror, series,

    Special Agent Shannon Walker of the Elite Group Investigations paranormal division is assigned with the missing girls case; because of the nature of the case. Witnesses had saw Angela appear and then vanish, after several months of working on the case; Agent Walker uses her female intuition and figures that the missing girl may have been involved in an experiment that was taking place at the Labs. Determined to find Angela she goes with her first instincts and brings her investigation to Kontra Experimental Labs.

  • Alex Scott (William Marshall)

    William Marshall, Case Files, Tricell Films

    Elite Group Investigations agent Scott is Shannon Walkers partner at the Paranormal Division. Alex was a rookie before he was transferred to the Paranormal Unit, he is a good friend to Shannon and loyal to his company. Regardless of experiencing cases of witch craft, crop circles and supernatural eye witness accounts; Alex has not ever saw any phenomena. He believes in Shannon and respects her judgment.

  • Kirk McCready (Adam Collins)

    Adam Collins, Case Files, Tricell Films

    Elite Group Investigations agent McCready; is hell bent on finding the killer of his younger brother John McCready. After weeks of research McCready follows the leads and begins to have a hunch that the person responsible was Detroy Martins; although McCready cannot prove Detroy’s involvement in the murder. Going against standard Practice, McCready realizes he has to fight fire with fire to find Detroy and bring him to justice for his brother’s death.

  • Kay Hoodsen (Craig Canning)

    Craig Canning, Case Files, Tricell Films

    Elite Group Investigations agent Hoodsen is McCready’s partner in crime and best friend. After the murder of McCreadys brother, Kay finds himself sailing through the morn of McCready’s loss and making sure Kirk does not lose his way. Kay is the only answer to keeping McCready in the agency; because Kay knows McCready is a loose cannon when he’s off balance.

  • Alexis Gwyn (Carmen Silva)

    Carmen Silva, Case Files, Tricell Films

    Elite Group Investigations agent Gwyn was assigned with a classified operation; to infiltrate an export facility and gather Intel. Successful upon her mission and going through unofficial channels; the Intel led her to one of the Foster estates based out in the country. Little is known of what became of this; as the E.G.I. lost all contact with her from this point. The E.G.I. conducted a three month search for her body, until eventually she was declared dead, killed in the line of duty.

  • Luke Crane (Paul Maddox)

    Paul Maddox,case files,tricellfilms,horror,zombie

    Agent Luke Crane joined the law enforcement agency to protect the innocent and bring justice to the town. He met Jake Spencer at the academy, they instantly bonded and grew together, Crane mentored Spencer and sees him as the son he never had and vice verser. As crime fighting partners they both have an amazing 101 arrests between them in the space of 3 years of working on the Elite group agency, and a staggering 91% success rate in solving the case.

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