• Young Shannon (Lamissah La-Shontae)

    Lamissah La-Shontae portrays the role of young Shannon Walker.

     Lamissah La Shontae, case files, horror, tv series

  • Detroy Martins (Martin McLean)

    Wanted for questioning by the law enforcements E.G.I. Detroy is a prime suspect in the murder of an Agents own brother. Detroy has no intention of handing himself in, and continues his work with the explosives trade. Detroy sees the epidemic as an advantage to fast track himself; and his crew into the voided areas. Areas that he could not enter due to the Elite Group always on his trail. Although Detroy is associated with the crooks at the explosives trade; he has an agenda of his own to over power the leader and take the chair for himself.

  • Bethany Ibanez (Erin Hall)

    Erin hall, case files, tricellfilms, horror, series

    With no means of transport Beth bravely travels by foot; making an attempt of escaping the city. It is a dangerous path for Beth, so she arms herself with a hammer. Beth’s plan is too follow the train tracks from the station; right into the Promenade beach resort where the barricade is said to be safe. Beth travels the long way around the city and through the outskirts; avoiding the deadlocked areas where many have been bitten, killed and now walk among the dead.


  • Jacques Lambert (Guillaume Rivaud)

    Guillaume Rivaud, Case Files, Tricell Films, horror, series,

    Mr Lambert is a high school teacher; his area in education is teaching the French language to the students. He noticed one of his students looked rather odd and paler than usual. He called a 10 minute break and walked the student to the nurse. As he was walking with the student through the school halls; one of the teachers grabbed Mr Lambert and attempted to bite him. Mr Lambert fought back but the Kreepa kept on coming, it was at that point he heard the horror of screaming from multiple corridors and the sounds of the students screaming for their life.

  • Ana Amari Grant (Anais Jessica Berinde)

    Anais Jessica Berinde, Ana Amari Grant

    She is very intelligent and perceptive; she wants to become a writer. Ana is loved by her parents. After the epidemic began, their home became over swamped by Kreepa’s. Ana’s mother was injured in the vicious attack; but successfully escaped. Ana’s father aided her mother but shortly after she died, only to rise from the grave before their eyes. A group later on appeared who claimed to have classified information on what was happening. Their destination was the Hilltops, a cable car ride to safety.

  • Gracie Baxter (Lindy Pieri)

    Lindy Pieri, case files, tricell films, horror series, tv

    Gracie was doing her make up when she heard someone fall through the door, as she entered the living room Gracie noticed her friend Vanessa had a small wound on her shoulder. Gracie treated her with first aid and everything seemed okay. Twenty minutes later Vanessa (had what looked as if it were an epileptic fit and) stopped breathing. Gracie tried to wake Vanessa but there was no response; immediately Gracie rang for an ambulance, although the ambulance was not necessary, Vanessa began moving again. Only problem was, it was no longer her friend, but a vicious enemy trying to rip her stomach out and kill her.

  • Julio Porcel (Alex Sweet)

    Alexander Sweet, Case Files, Tricell Films, Horror, series,

    Julio did not make it to school; he had no intention of going either. He dressed in his school uniform, left the house saying bye to his parents; but brought a change of clothes to go to the amusements and play video games with his other friends. Julio is a popular boy and hangs out with a lot of the older teenagers. Although on the day he did not expect one of them to attack and try to bite him. Julio managed to escape the Kreepa at the amusements, venturing on his own through the streets; he realizes there is an epidemic beginning.

  • Sergeant Greenwood (Matthew Stone)

    Mathew Stone, Case Files, Tricell Films, Horror, Series,

    Police Sargeant Greenwood was on his launch break at living forest café, when suddenly a group of teenagers ran out of the woods screaming for help. The Sergeant immediately responded to their cries and approached them. After being told about a corps near the swamp; the sergeant entered the woods alone and requested back up. By the time the police had arrived it was too late; the living forest had become a host for the undead.

  • Jason Blake (Chris John Livermore)

    CJ Livermore, Case Files, Tricell Films, Horror, series

    Among being a DJ at a Night club, Jason is very talented in art work and writing. He is in process of writing his own novel based on the music genre. Preferring to use type writers rather than his lap top, the DJ was in the middle of writing his next chapter. He became alerted by groans at his window. As Jason approached the groaning became louder; almost as if there was a presents inside the room. Slowly he opened the curtain and peered out the window, the site of a swarm of Kreepa’s was before him. Locking all entrances as fast as he could Jason barricaded himself in, but it was not long before the Kreepa’s found a way inside; forcing Jason to evacuate his house.

  • Trish Lynch as herself

    Trish Lynch, Trish Sinclear, Case Files, Tricell Films, Horror, Series,

    For as long as the TV stations and social media networks remain active, everybody’s favorite news reporter Trish Lynch will be bringing you the up to date news; followed by the main developments at home and abroad.


  • Kelly Stanley (Louise Newman)

    Louise Newman, Case Files, Tricell Films, Horror, series,

    Kelly is a social blogger often writing articles about super natural and ghost phenomena. Whilst blogging Kelly heard the windows smash next door; followed by screams of terror. Kelly looked out of her window and watched a kreepa chase her neighbor out of the house and kill her. After witnessing the cannibalistic nature of the attack, Kelly locked all the doors in her house and called the police.

  • Kyle Grant

    Locked image

  • Kadrian Williams (Iziah Emanuel)

    Iziah Emanuel,casefiles,tricellfilms,horror,TV series

    A known associate of Detroy, Kadrian is in the pimping and prostitution game. He stays low under the radar, renting out many apartments on several floors in the high rise flats, all for the purpose of prostituting. Although the E.G.I have nothing on him; Kadrian is a key to tracking the location of Detroy Martins.

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