• Amanda Castro (Harriet Bates)

    Harriet Bates, Case Files, Tricell Films, horror, series

    Amanda’s father was a former member of the ‘Latin Kings’ back in South America; but fled to the United Kingdom to begin a new life. Amanda grew up playing sports and went onto studying coach and mentoring. Being one of the people who missed the news reports about a possible epidemic; Amanda was caught off guard whilst training her rounder’s team at the AstroTurf. Amanda like her cousin Madeline is very strong minded and great in survival, she is athletic, a good climber and has knowledge on setting up traps.

  • Itzel Rios (Janetta Ivanova)

    Janetta Ivanova, case files, horror series, tricell films

    A secondary school student and captain of the rounder’s team. Itzel is coached by Amanda and is one of her strongest players. After her final year of exams she plans on returning to South America to work with the SOS children of Brasil; in the rural areas of Minas Gerais. After rounder’s training at the AstroTurf, Itzel and the team were intercepted by what looked like cannibals attacking people.

  • Charlie Evans (Anna Baird)

    Anna Baird, case files, tricell films, horror, series, tv, bbc

    In hopes of gaining more wins and building their reputation, Charlie always keeps the team strong when the going gets tough. She is a very supportive team member and has good communication skills with others; she is a very ambitious girl she refuses to let the rival teams take home a win. Similar to Lydia; Charlie is concentrating on a career in teaching sports to others and coaching a team of her one day.


  • Nicole Weaver (Hannah Venn)

    Hannah Venn, case files, tricell films, horror series, tv

    Nicole is the youngest player, but the oldest member to the team, She is very agile, her nickname is shortstop, because she always opts to play a shortstop position. Amanda noticed Nicole’s potential after watching her at a sports day cricket match. Invited to the AstroTurf to try out at a friendly game with the year 8s years, Nicole and the year 7s were victorious and won the game. Since then Nicole has been nonstop; training every weekend and entering tournaments.


  • Laura Lima (Roshini Brown)

    Roshini Brown, case files, tricell films, series, horror, tv

    Almost every school holiday Laura visits her grandparents out in São Paulo, she is fast on her feet and plays as a runner in most games. She enjoys sports, but she is not planning to go into a career of sports like the other players. Laura having an interest in media and a good eye for detail; after she leaves school she wants to study photography.

  • Maria Hernández (Iona Cachia)

    Iona Cachia, case files, tricell films, zombie, horror, action, thriller, adventure 

    She was handpicked by Amanda to join the team. Maria often plays abroad in Salvador, Brasil as a bats man’s umpire, Amanda is very proud to have her on the team. Maria has trained with some of the best softball players in United Kingdom and is planning on competing in the next Olympic Games; Maria is said to have a bright future ahead of her in sports.


  • Jasmine Ibanez (Gracie Egan)

    Gracie Egan, case files, tricell films, horror series, tv

    Jasmine is the freshest player to the team, as well as moving home she had to transfer schools. Hearing about the reputation of the rounder’s team; Jasmine began training with them and became good friends with Nickie. Together they are most mischievous, they regularly hang out, train together and often party. Jasmine has only lived in the city for one month but is enjoying the new people and new places.


  • Lydia Castro (Madison Coles)

    Madison Coles, tricell films, case files, horror series, tv,

    A relative by marriage to the Castro family, Lydia is a very kind loving person. Her position on the field is a catcher; although lately Itzel has been adapting her skills as a striker. Lydia’s interest in sport and leisure pursue her to follow a career into physical education. Lydia hopes to become a P.E teacher at her school and train new coming students the art of sports.


  • Nickie Hedger (Brooke Ramsey)

    Brooke Ramsey, case files, tricell films, horror, series, tv

    Proud of her achievements and being a top scorer; Nickie is a very confident individual. Since she joined the Rounder’s team the girls had won 8 consecutive games in a row. Not to mention that their team have the highest reputation as athletes. Nickie credits herself as being one of the best players in the team; and often taunts Itzel about her best interests as captain.


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