• Daniel Kage (Adrian Dobson)

    Adrian Dobson, Case Files, Tricell films, Horror, series

    The father of Angela Kage is dedicated to his work at the labs, although the success of the Stealth Cloak Project was not one of his passions. When the super experiment was cancelled he felt relieved that there would be no more risk of danger, but after the Foster’s gave instructions to reopen the experiment and continue testing on the patients; Daniel had no choice but to follow through with the orders.

  • Donald Atkinson (Rob Hall)

    Rob Hall, Case Files, Tricell Films, Horro, series,

    As the Stealth Cloak Project progresses, the executive ‘dean’ of the labs advised to have a further 4 years of research; before using the sedative in the test. Dr. Atkinson knows he was close to a break through with the experiment; and is unhappy with the decision of the dean. He goes against their orders, continuing the experiment on the test subjects. He assigns any potential threats to leave the Labs; being scientists working on the project. Dr Atkinson then begins expanding his plans which leads to corruption, the remaining Scientists begin further tests without authorisation of the labs, the dean or the test subjects.

  • Gregg Beimen (Liam M. Edwards)

    Liam M. Edwards, Case Files, Tricell films, Horror, series,

    Dr. Gregg Beimen is a lead technician scientist at Kontra Labs. After several candidates became sick he was advised to discharge all the remaining test subjects. But he ignored all warnings and continued the research, influencing certain other scientists to stay on board; and even fabricate the test subjects signature’s to allow further experimentations.

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