• Leticia Castro (Francesca Hill)

    Francesca Hill

    It’s Leticia’s first time visiting  the city, which later she learns it could be her last time in any city; as she witnesses the Kreepa’s tearing people apart and an epidemic around the corner. Leticia stranded in an unknown city has the choice of giving up, or fighting to survive.

  • Tammy Miller (Cerys Wrigley Moss)

    Cerys Wrigley Moss, Case Files, Tricell Films, Horror

    Tammy has knowledge in survival, she was trained by her father who is a marine. She is the cousin of Emanuel, unaware of anything happening in the city, Emanuel being scared and freaked out by what he had saw, ran round to Tammy’s to get her father’s rifle. Tammy tries to calm him down but it doesn’t work. She realizes what he is saying is true so she equips her dads rifle gun. Together they both wait for Tammy’s dad to return home, he does not show up. Ignoring the news warning reports to stay indoors Tammy goes searching for her dad, Emanuel arms himself with a wooden pole and goes with his cousin to try protect her.

  • Emanuel Miller (Toby Womack)

    Toby Womack, Case Files, Tricell Films, Horror. series

    Emanuel saw the news reports of cannibal activity occurring in the city. Thinking it was all a hoax he immediately contacts his friend on Skype, to see if he had heard anything about the prank. During the Skype call Mannie’s friend is brutally attacked by a Kreepa, Mannie makes his way over to his friends to try and help him but it’s too late. His friend is deadlocked and already mutated into a Kreepa. Whilst being chased out of the house Mannie is now aware that the news report is no hoax.

  • Jules Robinson (Omari Grant)

    Kriptik, Case Files, Tricell Films, Horror. series

    Jules Robinson is a well known name in the city. Well known for his boxing, music, live performances, events and radio station interviews. The next gig was a sellout, however by the time the day arrived for the night of the sellout gig the Kreepas had begun attacking people in the city. Jules escapes from the event without a scratch, but is faced with many challenges as he follows Madeline in her survival group; in hope of getting to the barricade.

  • Leila Green (Nia Rees)

    Nia Rees, Case Files, Tricell Films, Horror. series

    Leila is the youngest of the convoy; her boyfriend encouraged her to go out on a school night and took her to a house party, when the next day arrived she found herself alone inside the house, not a sound but the ringing in her ears from the DNB she was raving to all night. She went downstairs and entered the kitchen; becoming victim to the death of a body laid on the floor. Leila’s focussing on the body, heart beating fast as she backs up, her shoe nudges another dead body laying on the floor. In a state of terror Leila runs out of the house screaming; unknowing she is simply attracting more Kreepa’s.


  • Lee Duncan Jr. (Sam Harwood)

    Lee Duncan Jr.

    When the Kreepa’s rampaged through his flat, attacking his girl friend he froze and did not know what to do, shortly after realizing what was happening Lloyd attempted to escape, his only exit was an 25ft. drop from his bedroom window. Saved by Stefan and Joe and combined in survival, Lloyd is faced with his worst fear before him, Armageddon.

  • Joe Andrews (Louis Saxby)

    Louis Saxby, Case Files, Tricell Films, Horror. series

    Joe heard the news report of the Kreepa’s attacking people in the city and took to the street to take action. Joe sees the epidemic as an experience and treats the situation like a game. Although his intentions are all wrong, he is a strong combatant, and as Maddie’s right hand man in the convoy, he is determined to get everybody to safety at the barricade in Promenade.

  • Stefan Andrews (Dean Morris)

    Dean Morris, Case Files, Tricell Films, Horror. series

    He is one of the convoy’s most trusted people, Stefan and his nephew Joe are conspiracy theorists who researched the phenomena of a cannibal epidemic; long before the rise of the Kreepa’s. His courage and determination are appreciated by the small group of traveler’s who are roaming the city for an exit to safety.

  • Amy Compton (Rebecca Peck)

    Rebecca Peck, Case Files, Tricell Films, Horror. series

    Amy is another one of Julia and Amanda’s friends, she goes with Julia to the train station to try resolve the issues between Julia and Maddie. Presuming Amanda is late for the meeting, Amy finds herself caught in the middle of a dispute between the two rivals.

  • Julia Chang (Heather Mae Cutts)

    Heather Mae Cutts, Case files, tricell films. horror, series

    Julia is one of Amanda’s close friends. Towards the end of the spring season Julia began dating Madeline’s Ex- boyfriend, this caused a lot of tension between Madeline and her cousin Amanda. After weeks of negotiations Amanda finally convinces Madeline to come to meet Julia and resolve their differences, however on the day of the meeting Amanda did not show up.

  • Jessica Mason (Tia Shenton)

    Tia Shenton, Case files, tricellfilms, horror, series

    Jessica and her mum was trapped in a hospital but shortly rescued by a paramedic. Her mother and the medic had another encounter of the Kreepa’s, which led to her mum running away in a different direction; fearing for her life. They went looking for her but could not find her. Jessica and Leo learned about the barricade that had been set up to keep the Kreepa’s out. In hope that Jessica will be reunited with her mother; they set out on route to the Barricade in Promenade.

  • Leo Bills (David Roy)

    David Royal, Case Files, Tricell Films, Horror, Series

    Leo and Jessica’s mother had another encounter of the Kreepa’s, which led to Jessica’s mum running away in a different direction; fearing for her life. Leo and Jessica went looking for her mother but could not find her. Leo learned about a barricade that has been set up at the Promenade beach resort; to keep the Kreepa’s out. In hope of surviving the epidemic and meeting other survivors in there path; Leo and the survival group set out on route to the Barricade, trouble is the barricade is 80 miles out of the city.

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