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    Damien Kage

    Damien Kage, Case Files, Direcotr, Tricell Fims, horror series

    • Damien Kage, Director, producer, writer, studied at film school London and film school Nottingham.
    • BBC News : East Midland Today broadcast interview on the Case Files film set., Nottingham, UK
    • BBC Radio : Interview with Andy Whittaker, Nottingham, UK
    • Phoenix FM : Live radio interview with Damien Kage hosted by Nick Field, Essex, UK
    • Hearts of Chaos (Luke Radford) : 1st Assistant Director, Nottingham, UK
    • Royal Academy of dramatic arts : Cinematographer (Leo Bill, Tony Pitts, Selina Griffiths), London, UK
    • Raindance Film School London : Directors foundation Course, London, UK
    • Royal Academy of dramatic arts. : Cinematographer (Ellie Kendrick,.Tilly Vosburgh), London, UK
    • Nepop Records ‘Timilai’ : Director, Nottingham, UK
    • Confetti institute of creative Technologies : FDSC Television and Film Technology, Nottingham, UK
    • Read Me Short Film : Director, Nottingham, UK
    • Baby D : Cinematographer, Nottingham, UK
    • Confetti institute for creative arts : TV and Film production level 3 Diploma, Nottingham, UK
    • Freaky Things (RNB Video) : Director, Nottingham, UK
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