• Bethany Ibanez (Erin Hall)

    Erin hall, case files, tricellfilms, horror, series

    With no means of transport Beth bravely travels by foot; making an attempt of escaping the city. It is a dangerous path for Beth, so she arms herself with a hammer. Beth’s plan is too follow the train tracks from the station; right into the Promenade beach resort where the barricade is said to be safe. Beth travels the long way around the city and through the outskirts; avoiding the deadlocked areas where many have been bitten, killed and now walk among the dead.


  • On set: Death Field

    Laura Williams.

    Laura Williams

  • Unlocked (DLC)


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  • Visual Effects artist

    Vimal George (India)

    Geo, tricell films, visual effects artist

  • Angela Kage (Sasha Desouza Willock)

    Sasha Desouza Willock, Angela Kage, case files Tricell Films

    She is the daughter of one of the professors working on the super experiment. After witnessing her father’s death at the labs she soon becomes deadlocked. The Tetrodotoxin retrovirus had unforeseen effects on her; adjusting her brain to access telekinesis, her athletic skills increase accelerating her speed. Her Mental state merges and she masters the ability to inflict pain on someone, by putting them under an illusion of them being burnt alive on a stake.

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